When do I need to schedule my first fitting?

We like to start bridal alterations 3 months before the big day. We are happy to schedule you at any time, but please keep in mind that evening times book 1-2 months out.

Mothers, proms, and bridesmaids should start at least 4-6 weeks before the event.

How long will the fitting take?

First bridal fittings take 45 minutes, subsequent fittings take 30. Moms, proms, and bridesmaids take 15 minutes.

We keep a very tight schedule in order to serves as many people as possible, so please arrive on time. We cannot guarantee that you will be seen if you are late.

How much do alterations cost?

Alterations charges are based on

·         the time involved to perform the alteration

·         the skill involved to perform the alteration correctly

·         any additional lace, fabric, boning or embellishments needed

Alterations are NOT based on how much you paid for your gown.  Most wedding dress alterations fall somewhere in the range of $400-$900.  This is a wide range that covers most scenarios, but every dress is different and this is just meant to give you a general idea. 

Mothers, proms, and bridesmaids are typically in the $50-200 range.